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What is Puranol?

Puranol is a line of products aimed to help you to supposedly lose weight by attacking each problem you may have with a different formula each time. If you combine them all in theory, it should work. But that many pills can be a bit overwhelming, and the fact is that none of their formulas are actually aimed at attacking fat and obesity in the way they would propose, let alone at all.
What Ingredients are in Puranol?

Puranol 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanser ingredients include senna leaf, aloe vera, apple fruit, cassia whole plant, St John’s bread whole plant, tamarind fruit, cranberry, buchu leaves, cornsilk stylus, couchgrass rhizona, hydrangea root, juniper berry, uva ursi, vegetable cellulose, oat fiber, citrus pectin, soy fiber, apple pectin, bromelain, papain, amylas, protease, lipas, lactase, and invertase.
What Else Should I Know about Puranol?

None of these ingredients are meant to cleanse the colon anyway. But then they squeeze them into tiny little proprietary blends that would not cover the amounts needed if they did have the right ingredients. They undermine themselves at every turn, begging the question, why would anybody bother with this product?

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