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What is Natratox?

Natratox makes a bold claim of flushing “over 40 pounds of waste.” They offer basically a 1 page advertisement about all the media hype surrounding the general colon cleansing industry, not necessarily their product, and then they expect you to sign up for a “free trial offer” not actually telling you that it turns into an expensive autoship program.
What Else Should I Know about Natratox?

There are no ingredients listed for Natratox. The only ingredient they actually list is green tea, which is not a detoxifier or colon cleanser at all. But this is common to many different scam products that have to sell their products through these “trial offers” and then make it impossible to cancel the autoship. They know they won’t make the sales otherwise, because their formulas have no colon cleansing ingredients. So why make it completely obvious? If you are looking for a better product, check out our top picks.

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