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What is Colo Flush?

Focusing on all the media hype surrounding the colon and the cleansing thereof, Colo Flush claims to flush away toxins, boost energy, decrease gas and bloating, flatten the stomach, and improve your general look and feel of your body. But as you will find with many products that have to rely on that media hype, they rely too heavily on it, not providing a valid formula or any real information for that matter.
What Ingredients are in Colo Flush?

Colo Flush’s listed ingredients include Psyllium, activated willow charcoal, fennel seed, bentonite clay, flax seed, apple pectin, and slippery elm bark.
What Else Should I Know about Colo Flush?

Colo Flush does not provide a full ingredients list, and the ingredients they do list are not actually proven to promote a healthy or cleansed colon. The best ingredients contained are fibers, which can reduce occasional irregularity at best. But they require certain amounts, which Colo Flush does not even supply. If you are looking for an affordable colon cleanser that actually works, check out our top products.

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