Bentonite & Psyllium

There are good and bad ways to cleanse your colon. But one of the simplest ways is a mixture of bentonite and psyllium husk. Yes, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might find elsewhere. But it has all the ingredients you really need, and you can even make it at home. Bentonite is a clay that actually works inside your body to pull toxins out. It has a charge that is the opposite of the charge of toxins.

So magnetically speaking, they are attracted to each other, and therefore when bentonite clay lets itself out of your body, it takes toxins with it. Likewise, psyllium husk is actually a powerful fiber. It can sweep out waste that has built up in your system and basically regulate your digestive tract to some degree. When you combine these two, you will obviously naturally cleanse your system and pull out toxins at the same time for the full and optimum effect.

And frankly, it takes out the complications of figuring out if you’re allergic to different ingredients or if some don’t mix well or for that matter if it has diuretics or something else. You can just count on it actually working.

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